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Unlike any other wireless pet containment system, its own wireless receiver collar is a hundred percent waterproof, so whether it’s raining or not your dog can wander around the fence area publicly. Additionally, the PetSafe wireless fence system does not require much effort regarding installations because it comes along with zero cables for burying and since it’s very mobile, you may take the merchandise with you wherever you are with the dog. Whether it’s in the park or just around your neighbor’s home, you’ll feel comfortable knowing that your dog is within reach. The collar is also rechargeable, and it’s fit and contoured for the comfort of any dog breed.

Apart from being waterproof, the collar has five correction degrees which will enable you to place the intensity of the static you need in order that your pet dog will not move out of bounds. There’s also an extra tone only mode that you may use if you are still only starting to train your dog. The system can manage an infinite number of dogs with person recipient collars in order that means you can unwind despite needing active dogs running around your lawn because you are sure none of them is going to wander out and get lost. Every one of the collars can be put to various correction levels that you think is suitable for your pet.

You may also set the probes on each collar to be long or short depending on its effectiveness on your pet. The package contains two wireless receivers or collars, however, you can alter the number of collars that are going to be shipped on the options.

Before you proceed, I would recommend you going through our list of the best wireless electric dog fences that are available on the market today.

Why Electric Wireless Dog Fence?

Train your pet, in a nutshell, enjoyable sessions for the next few days. It helps keep your puppy safe and comprised while still giving them a wide open area to play. Installing the wireless dog fence system and setting the boundary limit takes only a few hours. We have compared many varieties of imperceptible electric and wireless dog fences to help you find out the best wireless electric fence for your pet. Unlike the traditional gates, the topography of your yard doesn’t effect the working of a wireless fence system.

How it Works

With the Wireless Pet Containment System, you are able to keep pets over 8 pounds safely contained in the area of your choosing. Simply plug in the transmitter and it’ll emits a constant radio signal from an adjustable range of up to 90 legs in all directions. Usually, complete setup takes less than two weeks without any installation, burying wire or stakes are all demanded. To start training with PIF-300, temporarily specify the pet area with boundary flags as visual support to the pet. Activate the receiver collar and then adjust properly to fit them, ensuring the contact points are touching the throat.

The system should be utilized with dogs 6 months or older or know the basic commands like sit and remain’. An operating and instruction guide is included. When the pet strays into the warning area, the receiver collar will give a warning tone. If they continue past the warning area, a secure, static correction is delivered throughout the contact points till they return to the secure pet place. The centrally located transmitter sends an adjustable radio signal to a light-weight receiver collar on your pet, giving them a 90 foot range to run and play. The place can’t be changed into an sq or rectangular form.

A wide range of factors such as terrain, topography and metallic objects may impact range. The PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System is a revolutionary concept that offers the safest, simplest type of pet containment ever. Twist in the transmitter inconspicuous in your home. The transmitter generates a 17.5 kHz radio signal around your house. Your pet wears a light-weight receiver collar which listens for the sign. Whilst the collar is receiving the sign your dog is free to run and play in your yard. When he approaches the boundary of the sign area he receives a warning beep. In case your dog doesn’t return he receives a static correction that’s startling, but not harmful.

With a training that is easy your dog will rapidly learn his borders. The practice of your pet is an integral part with the PetSafe wireless electric dog fence. Follow the easy instructions and coaching manual that’s included. To be used in the United States only. This unit is suitable with US 110v outlets and aren’t to be utilized with 220v international voltage. Reminder. The Wireless Transmitter is going to be located at the middle of the Pet region that is circular. The Pet Area CANNOT be changed into a Rectangle or Square shape. A wide range of factors, such as terrain, topography, and metallic objects can affect range.

PetSafe Wireless Transmitter

The PetSafe wireless fence transmitter unit is big, a little larger than an one gallon paint can. The system may create any border shape you need so long as it’s a circle. You can control the size of the circle, from anywhere in the few legs up to a maximum of 90 ft in radius. Transmitter units can be overlapped to create a larger containment space. An advantage with wireless components is the border correction extends infinitely so the dog can’t run via the border line. On the other hand, the collar will timeout and stops correcting the dog after thirty seconds if the dog doesn’t go back to the safe area.

Setting the PetSafe wireless is really a snap. You simply plug the device into a wall outlet, place it on a table 2-4 legs above floor level. The device has just 3 controls: – Border switch Increases the wireless signal. Place it to non, for border circles under 45 legs radius, and set it to high for border circles around 90 feet radius. – Boundary Control Dial Utilize this dial to fine tune the size of the border circle. – On/Off Alter Enough said. The system also has a basic power light to tell you when the system is plugged in and switched on.

PetSafe Wireless Collar

The Petsafe Wireless collar is a larger collar, around the size of two boxes of games and is suitable for dogs over about 15 pounds. The handset is on a fantastic fabric band and fastens utilizing a snap type buckle. Correction Level Button collar has five correction levels, plus a no correction beep only degree. The correction amounts are toggles by removing a plastic cap on the collar and pressing the button below. Indicator Light light lets you know when the collar is working correctly and once the collar battery needs to be changed. It also allows you to know exactly what correction amount the collar has been set to.

Long/Short Probes collar comes along with long and short collar probes that you’d Use with long and short hair dogs, respectively. The probes are just screwed into position on the receiver. Disposable Collar Battery – The collar employs one-time rechargeable battery PetSafe RFA-67 collar battery. The batteries come in at around $5 each and last 2-3 months.


The product works great even when you’ve plenty of dogs, you’ll not need to worry about your Dogs working off because particularly if they’re trained in this system, the sound signal may even be enough to possess them shut-off the opposite direction. It also overlaps with any current wireless fence system you’ve your dog can navigate and wander in a broader area.

In addition, another great thing about it product is that despite its own collars with five increasing correction amounts, it still comes along with a tone only mode so that you can train your dog without having a static probe on them.


The disadvantage is the lack of flexibility. First you can only have a circular limit, and the unit has to be in the centre of the circle. Which makes it more challenging to many urban dwellers who live on rectangular plots of property and need a rectangular boundary. It’s really most useful whenever you live on a large plot of land.

This brings me to the second disadvantage, the round boundary radius can be adjusted to a maximum of 90 feet. That’s a fairly decent radius, covering about half an acre. But a lot of people who need a wireless system reside on huge properties and want something which will give their dog a bigger space. We’d as a version of this that had a radius of 200 legs, covering say two acres.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Unit messing with their wifi signal?
If you have Internet through a cable company, it is possible for it to mess with your modem (not the wifi but the actual cable signal coming into the modem that gives you internet). It’s really close to the upstream frequencies and could potentially cause problems
Can the range of the system be reduced?
Yes, it can be reduced to a very small area. The PetSafe company has a video online that explains it very well and how to test the exact distance you have set by changing the dial on the transmitter. Some friends of mine take it camping to contain their dog within their campsite.
How long does the battery last?
On average the Petsafe’s Electric Fence’s battery last about 30 days. It depends on how high you have them turned up and how often the dog approaches the boundary.
Can you connect to the receivers for larger boundarie?
Yes, it’s easy. If you place two units the perimeter will be the shape of a figure 8. Moving them closer together changes the shape to a 0. The area inside is free range. Three can make the shape of a three petaled flower or a long potato. Four makes more of a square. An issue to consider is interference caused by buildings and such. You just need electricity and protection from weather.
I have a smalled dog than 8Lbs, Can I use it on him?
This collar is intended for dogs 8 lbs and up. Petsafe do have a smaller collar that is made for dogs 5 lbs and up and it is interchangeable with this system, you can get the kit from here Or you purchase the collar separately from here
Does the collar continue to shock if the dog gets outside the perimiter?
Yes. It does for 30 seconds and stops the shock.


If you can live with the substantial limitations, you cannot get an easier solution than this. Whether you have got a big dog like a small one such as a poodle, you’d always need to help keep your pet secure and tucked in the convenience of your house or lawn. You’d likely need to be capable to see them just running around or playing on your lawn, but additionally don’t need to view them at an oppressed cage like being the interior a fence.
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