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Freedom Along With The Safety

Everyone wants to let their dog enjoy the outdoors, but you also want to keep them safe. The PetSafe stay and play wireless fence lets you create up to three-quarters of an acre area that is safe for your pet to enjoy at home or away. This guide will walk you through how to set the PetSafe stay and play wireless pet system up, so that your yard can become their playground and you’ll have more peace of mind. This electric wireless dog fence system works for pets weighing at least 5 pounds, but it’s great for small and large dogs. It works by transmitting a radio signal that creates a circular containment area. Your pet wears a receiver collar that signals him if he tries to leave the boundary area. Once trained, your pet can roam freely and safely in the containment area.

We recommend going through our choosing the right collar for your pet guide before proceeding.

To set your system up, choose the location for your transmitter, consider your yard and the area you want your dog to be able to enjoy. Tthe transmitter is in the center of the area, place the transmitter at least 2 to 4 feet off the floor and in an area that is dry and well-ventilated, You may wish to mount the transmitter on the wall using the mounting template on the back of the transmitter. it can transmit through walls but keep it away from large metal objects like the furnace or refrigerator since these can interfere with the signal it sends out.

The unit should be at least 3 feet away from large metal objects to get the maximum coverage area for your pet, but also near a standard wall outlet remember not to place anything on top of the transmitter switch. The unit to low if you want the area for your pet to be less than 45 feet and high if you want it to be greater than 45 feet. The receiver collar that your pet wears is rechargeable. it’s a quick charge unit and will have a full charge within about two hours, this will last two to three weeks depending on how many times your dog challenges the boundary. Fully charge the unit before you begin testing your system.

Setting up The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence

The receiver collar comes with long and short contact points. If your pet has longer fur use the longer contact points install these using the wrench provided to turn the receiver collar on. Press and hold the mode button for five seconds, the indicator light will turn on, you will press the same button to turn the collar off with the collar on hold the test light tool provided on the probes.

Now walk out into your yard the caller will flash and beep as you reach the boundary area and the light on the test flight tool will illuminate. You can use two people to make this process easier by having one person in the yard with the caller checking the boundary and one person at the transmitter adjusting the zone. You can adjust the boundary size up or down to make the area larger or smaller. Have one person stand with the caller and test tool, at the desired boundary line have the other person at the transmitter set the boundary control to 8 and slowly turn the dial down until the caller beeps communicate with each other. When the caller beeps if the boundary area isn’t the size you want or falls outside your property area adjust it to fit your needs once you have the boundary area size you want place flags along the boundary line.

How to set up hte petSafe Electric Wireless Dog Collar - Setting up the boundary

You will use these flags to help train your pet to the stay in play system. Getting the right fit of the collar is critical for your pet’s safety make sure the collar is snug and the contact points are touching your dog’s skin but never pull the collar putting pressure on the probes against your pet’s neck. Here are some important things to know about the receiver collar, make sure you remove the collar from your pet at night. The caller should not be worn more than 12 hours per day, clean the collar probes regularly to get the best battery life. Recharge the unit only when it begins to blink red indicating less than 20% battery life, the unit will blink yellow at 60 to 20% battery life and green when it is full up to 60% pay attention to the light colors to know when your unit needs recharging. When charging, the light will be solid red and will change to solid green when it is fully charged and ready to go. When you get ready to start training your pet you should begin with the collar on the lowest correction setting and increase it only one level at a time until you find the right level.

The PetSafe stay and play wireless fence collar has five levels of Correction and a tone only setting the number of times the collar light flashes red indicates the correction level. The level you use will depend on your pet and their temperament, you can use your own collar with the receiver it must be three-quarters of an inch and nonmetallic. To do this, remove the original collar and thread the new color through the loops never attach a leash to the D-ring of your own collar as this will put pressure on the contact points against your pet’s neck. If you have more than one pet and need additional receiver collars these are available for purchase on Amazon and many pet specialty retail stores. Another great feature of this system is its power loss alarm, this is to alert you in the event your power goes out or the unit is accidentally unplugged. It will remind you to bring your pet inside until power is restored to turn the power loss alarm off. When it activates you can either unplug the power adapter from the transmitter or press the alarm disabled button and hold it for five seconds once you have charged your receiver collar fully and your system is set up as you would like it. You’re ready to start training your pet.

Training Your Dog – The Most Important Part

Creating a safe area for your pet to enjoy the outdoors is an important part of pet ownership. The PetSafe stay and play wireless fence is designed to help you create a safe area for your pet to enjoy the outdoors whether you’re at home or away. Training your pet to understand their containment area is an important part of setting up your system this guide is designed to walk you through how to train your pet. It’s very important that you be really consistent in your training but also make it fun and be patient with your pet you don’t want them to be stressed at all through the training process. It’s very important to read your training an operating guide before you get started this way you’ll know everything that’s involved.

First Day of Training

Now let’s get started, let’s say your pet has long fur so we’re using the longer contact points on her collar. It’s really important that when you’re training your pet you do it in about 10 or 15-minute increments because shorter sessions are better than longer sessions for your pets retention and the overall training. Now awarding your pet with a treat is always a best to train them quickly, so spend some time playing and have fun with it. At any time during your training if your dog starts to show signs of stress such as their ears are laid back or they’re tucking their tail take a break, consider adding more days to the training or having a few more sessions. Make sure to include lots of toys and treats and playtime so that it’s more fun for your pet. We call the area of your yard the pet area and the end of the containment area the boundary zone, so you’ll hear us use these terms throughout this guide. At this point your system should already be completely set up you should have your boundary flags marking the edge of your containment are. You’ll want to set your flags up about every 10 feet. Now when you start your training you want to begin with your receiver collar set to level 1 which is the tone only mode, so press the button in the center of your receiver collar and the light will flash once letting you know it’s on level one.

PetSafe Dog Colar - Training Guide

Now you’ll want to put a separate collar and leash on your pet for this part of the training, then spend some time walking around in the containment area with your pet on the leash and make it fun. With full control of your pet on a leash walk to the flag as your pet enters the static correction zone the receiver collar will begin to allow your pet to stay in a static correction zone for about two seconds, then gently pulling back into the pet area. Repeat this process until your dog resists going near the flag, shoot master about three to four flags per session. On day one just do about three training sessions ten to fifteen minutes each.Immediately praise and offer your pet a treat.

Day 2 to 4 Of Dog Training

On training days 2 through 4, you’ll want to advance your receiver collar to level two, this is the level that has tone and the lowest level of static correction. Now all dogs are different and some need a lower level of correction and others need higher. So begin on level two and test this with your dog, advance one level at a time until you see your pet recognize the static correction. When you see it that’s the level you want to be on. As on day one with full control of your pet on a leash walk to the flag as your pet enters the static correction zone the receiver collar will begin to be followed by a static correction if your pet does not respond to the static correction confirm that the receiver collar is fitting properly. If the receiver collar is fitting properly but your pet didn’t respond to the static correction increase it by one level. When you see your pet get the static correction lead them gently back into the pet area. Immediately praise and offer your pet a treat. Repeat this process at the same boundary flag until your pet resists going into the static correction zone.

Day 5 to 8 Of Dog Training

Now on days 5 through 8 of your training you want to start introducing some distractions so that your pet understands that they’re supposed to say within the boundary area regardless of what distractions happen outside of that area. So with your pet on a leash you’ll want to start introducing some distractions you can do this through throwing a toy or a treat outside the boundary area, now if your pet avoids the distraction you want to give them praise and say good dog. Now if your dog does go for the distractions that’s okay simply let them go for the distraction let them get the static correction and then lead them back into the safe area and give them praise. Keep doing this with the distraction until they avoid them altogether.

How to set up hte petSafe Electric Wireless Dog Collar

Now on days 9 through 14, you can start to let your pet enjoy the pet area off leash so spend some time in your yard just walking around you can be preoccupied with other activities and just keep a close eye on your pet the whole time as long as they’re staying in the boundary zone offer them lots of praise. After about two weeks of training your pet is ready to run but check in on your pet at regular intervals after you’re satisfied with your pet’s training, remove every other boundary flag every four days until all flags are removed. But you may want to save them for future use. Now you may have some instances once your system is all set up and which you want to take your pet outside of the pet area and that’s okay but to do this you want to just remove the receiver collar and then you have a couple of options, you can either carry your pet outside of the area or if your dog is a little big or you simply want them to walk just put a leash on them and walk them out of the containment area. Now they may be a little reluctant to leave so just make sure that you give them a command like it’s okay or let’s go. Letting them know that this is the only instance in which it’s okay for them to leave the area.

Go through this video tutoial to understand the Training process better.

One Final Note

Don’t allow your pet to wear their receiver collar for more than 12 hours in a 24-hour period of time. Just as humans can develop bed sores if they lay in one place or too long the same thing can happen to your pet if they wear a collar that contains metal and it’s too close to their skin for too long. So for your pet’s health and comfort, every day remove your receiver collar maybe at night before your pets going to bed. We know you’re going to love the freedom that the pet safe stay and play Wireless Dog Fence gives you and your pet now if you have any questions after you’ve read your manual and watch this video contact the pet safe customer care center.

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