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The Most Useful Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box for Cats

The Most Useful Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box for Cats

I Love My Cat, But…

Today we’re going to review the Litter Robot III Open Air from auto pets and it’s a litter box pretty much. I never thought I’d be reviewing a litter box on this blog, to be honest, but the moment I caught wind of it being a cat owner myself, I could not pass up the opportunity to take a look at it. it’s basically supposed to be the greatest automated self-cleaning litter box on the market right now and for 500 US dollars, it damn well better be. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my two cats to death, they’re soft, sweet and cuddly but they also poop a lot and they’re a lot to clean up after. Especially if you have two of them and I think most cat owners would agree with me that cleaning out the litter box is the worst parts of owning a cat. This product aims to take away the hassle of cat ownership. So we’re gonna be taking a look at it today and I’m super excited.

let’s first talk about this product and just sort of what it looks like. I mean it looks like kind of looks like Kenny from South Park, every time I look at it that’s what I think of so it’s got this giant globe, we’ll call it the globe, and the sort of plastic bonnet that goes over. It’s pretty much full plastic construction, very sturdy though. Now obviously the globe is where you would put the litter and where the cat would do is business and we’ll discuss how that works in just a moment, but the inside here at least for the bottom half where the litter would go is lined with a really solid rubber. It’s very high quality, super durable easy to clean and it just seems like it’s built to last.

Automatic self-cleaning-litter box for cats controls

Additionally, Litter Robot III Open Air has got some buttons here and some LED indicators in front of the globe is a removable rubber mat that’s used to catch any litter that your cats may kick out whenever they leave the globe. but it’s pretty small and it’s probably not going to catch everything I would imagine, so you might want to invest in a larger mat that you place in front of it just to ensure that you catch everything. Now you can see here the mat actually sits on top of a handle that allows you to pull out this removable tray, which gives you access to a lined baggie where all of the poops and other clumped bits fall into after a cleaning cycle has taken place.

How Litter Robot III Open Air Works?

In order to show you guys how all that crap gets to the bottom of this thing, in the first place, we should probably talk about how the heck this thing works. So for starters, you need to fill it up with litter all right and you need to use a clumping litter, it can’t be purely absorbent. Clumping is essential for this product to work. You can use a bead or crystallized litter that’s totally fine as long as it’s fine enough in order to pass through the internal mesh screen. After you pour the litter up to the fill line and turn the unit on you’re pretty much ready to go. At that point, there’s a cat sensor that will detect when a cat is inside of the globe and as soon as your cat leaves the globe after he’s done doing his business, there will be a short wait period or a wait time before of the unit starts its self-cleaning cycle. At that point, the entire globe starts to rotate slowly and it does emit a low humming noise while it does this, however, it’s very quiet and I can’t imagine most cats would be bothered by it or scared of it unless they’re super timid or something like that. And then as it continues spinning it eventually sifts out all of the clumps and it separates the clumps with this internal mesh screen from all the litter and then at that point the clumps get dumped through the poop chute, is what I suppose I would call it and then it gets all trapped into the bottom tray here that we showed earlier. Afterward, the globe starts to rotate back to its original position and it actually overshoots its home point for a moment and that’s just so that it can return the litter bed back to a very flat state, so that when your cat jumps in there next time that’s not all lopsided. One of these cleaning cycles takes about two and a half minutes to fully complete and then it’s ready to go again. I should also mention that if a cat tries to jump into the dome while the cycle is in progress, the cat sensor will pick it up and it’ll immediately stop until the cat leaves.

Circling Back To The Disposal

The manual suggests replacing the bag in the tray once a week if you have one cat or twice a week if you have two cats, so it’s actually not too bad.¬†Removal of the bag is super easy, basically just take the bag out and it sits it’s good to go. It’s really easy to replace the bags as well. It latches on to the four plastic tabs, you can buy more bags from auto pets, if you like or you can just buy your 10 to 13 gallon trash bags at the store that might be cheaper. Now one small shortcoming that I haven’t experienced myself yet because I haven’t really used this with my cats, but I have seen in other reviews is that because the poop chute is sort of located to the left of the unit anytime this thing gets really full it’ll start piling up specifically on the left side of the tray. Which means it could get pretty filled up when it’s not actually full, so maybe every once in a while you might have to take the tray out sort of do this a little bit and flatten out the level of of crap in here before putting it back in. that’ll give you a little bit more time before you have to fully replace it.

I should also mention the unit features a handy LED indicator letting you know when the trash bag is full and needs replacing. But moving on to some extra features, let’s say you’re not too privy with the whole automated system here and you just wanted to run the clean cycle manually. You can easily do that, basically you would just turn the unit off and any time you notice that your cat has left the special present inside for you, you basically just turn it on and it will automatically do a single cleaning cycle. Now for all of you cat owners out there who have to have the litter box in your bedroom, first off my condolences and you probably don’t want something like this keeping you up at night as it’s doing an automated cleaning cycle. so what you can actually do is put it into sleep mode and from the time you enter sleep mode it’ll actually go inactive for eight hours. And that’s repeatable so every 24 hours it’ll stop working for that eight hours from when you initially set it. So you only have to set at once and it’s pretty much never gonna wake you up in the middle of night.

Now I did mention wait time earlier wait time is basically the time between when your cat leaves the globe, to when the cycle actually starts. and basically you can change that time you can either do 3, 7 or 15 minutes the reason why you might want a longer wait time is because some litter actually takes longer to clump and if it’s not clumping properly you don’t give it enough time this product is not gonna be quite as effective. so you can actually change that on the fly with one of these buttons. now obviously cats have pretty good night vision in fact it’s much better than our own but with age, some cats revision starts to deteriorate and for that reason they’ve actually built in a nightlight inside of the glove. it’s all you know darkness activated so as soon as the lights go out, it automatically pops on this blue light and unfortunately it is not RGB.

How to clean the Litter Robot III Open Air Globe?

Now the manual doesn’t say you have to regularly replace the litter, it’s pretty sanitary on its own but in the event that you wanted to clean the inside of the actual globe you would have to get that litter out somehow so there is an empty button once you press that the globe starts to rotate in the opposite direction as the cleaning cycle and that essentially dumps everything. All the poop, the pee, and the litter get funneled into the bottom tray. At that point, you can start tearing this thing apart and prepare it for cleaning starting with the bonnet. There’s a plastic tab on either side you push that inward pops off very easily and the globe itself you pretty much just lift it straight off of the base. The globe itself which is gonna be obviously the dirtiest part of this whole product is completely circuit and electric free. There’s no wiring or any sort of electronic components inside of it, which means you can pretty much blast it with a power hose or something like that to get it super clean. You can use soap it’s totally fine with that as long as it’s a mild soap and nothing too toxic for your cats obviously. Then you pretty much let it dry the rubber itself dries nearly instantly which is a nice bonus, and then you put it back together fill it back with litter and you’re ready to go once again. So there you go those are the basics I’m sure you’ve learned more about litter boxes in the last five minutes than you have in your entire life, but with that said I think it’s time to bring this guy home we have to introduce it to my cats for the very first time and get the reaction.

How To Introduce This Device To My Cat?

We can’t do a proper full letterbox review without the cat’s opinions, so on that note let’s go home. All right so we are now into the following morning here at the bit wid home base. It’s been about 12 hours since we formally introduced our cats to the litter robot and the way we did that was we tried to make it as easy of a transition as possible. For starters, we placed the unit in the exact same spot as their old litter box just to reinforce the idea that this is the area where you go to the bathroom. and then after we filled up the litter bed with some fresh litter we actually took a scoop of their old used litter, I Know it sounds kind of gross, but we sprinkled that on the very top just to familiarize them with the scent so when they stick their head in there and they sniff around they go oh this is familiar, I pooped here before. Then to top it all off we took a bottle of sprayable catnip and just lightly sprayed the litter mat that goes right in front of the globe that was just to introduce them to a familiar pleasant scent that is supposed to relax them and just keep them from being too intimidated by this large foreign object. Now another pro tip we found the manual was to lead the actual unit powered off for the first couple of days just to get the cats used to use it as a regular litter box before you introduce the sounds and movements that the product makes during its cleaning cycle.

Surprisingly within the first hour or so our boy cat started investigating he got curious as cats usually do and he actually approached the globe. he crawled inside of it it took him a while to get inside fully because I think he was scoping out the the rubber surface it’s a little bit flimsy so he was probably trying to figure out whether or not it was a stable surface for him to actually stand on. But once he jumped in he took a little leak and he jumped out and it was totally fine. I still have yet to witness the girl cat go inside and use the litter robot, but that’s not to say she didn’t contribute to any of the clumps I found this morning. At any rate I’m sure she’ll see that her brother is using it just fine and will eventually follow suit. So I’m not too concerned there.

The Conclusion

On a final note, I was a hundred percent correct in my assumption that that litter mat would not catch all the litter that our cats kick out anytime they exit the globe. There’s a bunch of litter on our laundry room floor now so we’ll probably have to get a larger mat to place in front of the unit. I should also mention that the manual specifies not to put a rug or mat underneath the actual product and that the product should be on a flat stable surface. Just to ensure that the cat sensor isn’t thrown off and it can accurately detect whenever a cat is inside Globe. So summing things up here speaking from my own experience as a cat owner in my own situation, I have two cats and they fill up my litter box twice as quickly as a single cat household. I also have a very hectic schedule I’m incredibly busy all the time and I have limited time whether I’m away or at home. So for me, Litter Robot III Open Air is a worthwhile investment, now if you only have one cat and you’re only cleaning out the litter box a few times a week then you probably don’t need this product to be honest. go ahead and spend that $500 elsewhere, but for all of us multi cat owners with incredibly busy lives who travel often mind you. this product is a total godsend and I would highly recommend you at least try one. I believe they have a 90 day money back guarantee, so zero risk if you if you want to try it doesn’t work out for you if your cats are terrified of it or something like that then you really don’t have much to lose. but that is pretty much gonna do it for now for this very odd and interesting review go ahead and feel free to leave some feedback in the comments below

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