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10 Amazing Gifts For Dog Lovers [2018 Update]

10 Amazing Gifts For Dog Lovers [2018 Update]

1. Feed and Go

Choosing the best gifts for a dog lovers is a very time-consuming task. In this guide, we have selected the best 10 amazing gadgets and gifts that you can get it for yourself and gift it to the one who is a true dog lover. Let’s consider Jenny, Jenny’s busy, how busy? really busy, the Jenny also loves her dog and while she’s busy inventing an eco-friendly Rockets rule that also teaches whales to save themselves, touching babies that happened to fall out of the sky and solving mathematical equations to avert a nuclear holocaust. I know, enough of that, The most important thing to Jenny is that Max, her dog, gets fed. How does max get fed? Feed and Go. How can you be like Jenny? you can’t! no one can! but with Feed and Go your pet will think you’re like Jenny. what is Feed and Go? you would ask, feed and go is the world’s first automatic pet feeder you can access from anywhere and it’s the only pet feeder to allow you to control your pet’s schedule from any mobile device. Well, there’s even a webcam built-in so you could see your loved one while you’re doing whatever it is that you do because let’s face it well Jenny’s utterly marvelous does that mean she loves her pet more than you? Hell No! To leave the world taken to Jenny and focus on the mat in your life show your pet some love.

Peach of Mind

Let’s be sincere, most of us miss our pets whenever we’re away from home and desire we might be there with them. Feed and Go can’t produce magic but we might come close as we’ve installed a webcam within every feeder. When it’s time for your pet to eat, or if you simply wish to call him to make sure that he’s ok then you can log into your account from any computer, smartphone or tablet. And don’t worry if you forget to establish a schedule or are delayed abruptly, simply log into your account and either select the Feed Now option or only schedule a feed for whatever time matches.

Let your Pet know!

Pets love nothing more than structure and familiarity. They ’re no different to us. Give them regular love, make sure their food is on the table and they ’ll be happy. Feed and Go has gone one stage further. Once you get your puppy delivered and set it up, you’ll see that you might play your voice into the feeder, so that whenever your pet has to be fedup, or whenever you only wish to call him over to make sure that he’s ok, it’ll be you he hears. You can record a message up to 6 seconds long and should you’re happy, simply do it again!

Schedule from Anywhere!

Whenever we designed Feed and Go, we did it because we’ve pets ourself and may’t always be around in the times they need to eat. We understood it was really significant that our pets got fed on time and so we did something about it. Feed and Go gives you options to prepare numerous regular feeding schedules that will only run continuously till you alter them , or, if you prefer, you may also select feeds only for certain times and days. Possibly the most flexible thing about Go and Grant is that you might even produce feeding schedules or just set a one off feed in any computer, smartphone or tablet computer.

Dry and Wet Food!

Throughout our research we found that there were a few pet feeders around that worked for dry food but nothing to get wet food. One challenge was to create a motor strong enough to turn the tray that holds the food and the other was keeping the food clean. We designed Feed and Go to ensure whenever the top is closed, only one compartment is on display. How long rancid food remains fresh food entirely depends upon the type of food and how hot it’s where you live but we don’t urge you leave wet food stored for more than twenty-four hours.

2. Pooch Selfie

Moving on, this product is very cheap and effective gift for a Pet lover. Introducing the pooch selfie, The pooch selfie is a smartphone attachment which harnesses your dog’s natural draw and focuses to a tennis ball and uses its magical powers to help you take better pictures and selfies with your pet. Whether you’re taking a picture of your pup or one with a few Lutherans, Pooch Selfie will help you Nab those moments with far better results than ever before. They created it to be simple and effective.Iit is designed for both iPhones and androids and works universally with most smartphones and tablets. To install Pooch selfie simply slide the plastic component onto your smartphone and place the ball into the class new device, you’ll notice there are clearances for both front and rear facing cameras this allows you to toggle between portrait style pics and selfies without having to remove the device. Our pets are quite unpredictable and even with the sorcery that these tennis balls hold their interest begins to fade. Each Pooch selfie comes with a squeaking ball to grab that extra ounce of an attention from our pets and perk them up for additional glamour shots. Need even more incentive? not to worry pooch selfies ball disengages from the classy mechanism and you can regain your pup’s focus with a couple rounds of fetch. This is particularly useful when you need an additional time to edit the photos you took to ensure one of them has your smile on fleek.

3. K&H Pet Thermal-Bowl

The next product on our list of Best gift ideas for dog lover is a K & H Thermal Bowl. I have a secret to share, it’s the thermal bowl and thermal Kitty cafe. They’re an outdoor pet lover’s dream. They keep the ice away from all winter long now I don’t have to check the water multiple times every day. My pet loves her thermal Bowl it keeps her water sought even in sub-zero temperatures, so she’s never dehydrated. Plus it comes in a side large enough to accommodate her drinking needs. Just plug it in it gets even better, I use the thermal Kitty cafe for my outdoor kitties this outdoor double diner is a perfect size for cats and has two removable washable stainless steel bowls. the Kitty cafe keeps their water and canned food thawed even in sub-zero Temperatures. Both bowls are MET listed and extremely energy-efficient. These outdoor bowls not only ensure my pets are properly hydrated all winter long but make my life easier. This winter make your life easier with this K&H Pet Thermal-Bowl

4. Petzi Treat Cam

Next product on our amazing gifts for dog lovers list is a treat camera and now you can stay connected to your pet, even when you’re not together. introducing the Petzi treat cam, a revolutionary remote treat dispenser, and camera that makes it fun and easy to stay connected to your pet from anywhere at any time. The Petzi treat cam lets you see, speak, snap and treat your pet for a big smile. Using the free secure Petzi app on your smartphone or tablet, it’s fun to connect with your pet when you’re not at home. With a simple tap you can pop in at any time and watch the excitement on your pet’s face through the wide-angle camera. Say hello, and speak to your pet through the high-quality audio and brighten both your days. Capture candid pictures to save, share and post on the Petzi social network, the premier destination for pets and the people who love them. Best of all the Petzi treat cam lets you treat your pet from everywhere you are. Dispense your pets favorite treat using the Petzi universal treat launcher for a big smile. See, speak, snap and treat with the Petzi treat cam the fun and easy way to connect with your pets from anywhere at any time.

5. Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel

The next gifts for dog lovers is very usefull for your pet, Let’s hear what my pet Lucky has to say about it. Hi, folks it’s lucky, the luckiest dog in the world. Why? well because my folks are in this case my dad, is putting together my brand-new lucky dog kennel. Hey, let’s put it on the patio, as you can see lucky dog kennels look great or safe and are built to last and the best part is they’re simple to assemble. No tools necessary! That’s right, lucky dog kennels come with everything you need built in within the box. Lucky dog kennels go up in less than one hour and the only reason I’m not putting it together is, well because I’m lucky. Okay two-leggers start the simple process by laying the panels for your desired cage size out, the amount of space between the alternating panels should be about two inches making sure the 1-inch legs of the panels are positioned to be on the bottom. Stand up to quarter panels forming a 90 degree angle, apply the clamps approximately six inches from the top and six inches from the bottom. It’s important that you don’t over tighten the clamp. Repeat this action for the remainder of the panels till my sweet new den take form. The side panels should be aligned with the outside edge of the front and back panel, ohh and make sure the wing nuts face the outside. Your next step is putting a roof over your canines head, just insert rope frame piece into the front and back panels of my kennel. Attach the roof frame ridge pole to the center of each peak using the t-shaped clamp. All that’s left to do is apply the rain and shade cover to the frame Peaks with the Bungie ties and attach the latch and voila you’re done. Every lucky dog deserves a good home and every home deserves a good dog. Lucky dog kennels a dog home away from home

6. SmartBowl from Petnet

This is the smart bowl from pet net, the only bowl that cares for the way your pet eats. Once you’ve created a profile for your pet including age, weight, and level of activity. The smart bowl will guide you in feeding your pet the perfect portion, letting you know with you pour too much, and the smart bowl works great for dry or wet foods. Using our app is simple, you can stay connected with alerts and notifications and receive important information, like feeding times, meal confirmations, food inventory and battery life. Match your pet with ideal food recipes and gain insightful feedback to ensure your pet is getting just the right amount of food and convenient delivery brings pet food to your doorstep. So you never have to worry about running out of food ever again. the pet net smart bowl you’re feeding companion.

7. The Findster Duo

The next amazing gift idea for dog lovers is the Findster Duo. Take your trust to the next level with Findster duo+ you can finally give your pet the freedom he needs while keeping your peace of mind. a tiny and smart wearable device helps you care for that best friend of yours using high precision GPS technology to track their location in real time. practical and easy to use Findster Duo, lets you stay connected even when you’re away. share access to your pets with your family and friends and monitor their safety from anywhere. the virtual leash has an extra layer of protection during your walks ensure your pet keeps up with you at all times. love is a full-time job but sometimes life gets in the way, Findster helps you stay one step ahead even when you decides to go on as little solo expeditions. Findster is the extra set of eyes you’ve always wanted to have, but instead of helping you look it guides you right to your pet’s location. but going out with your little buddy is also about sharing new adventures and celebrating your unique bond challenges and leaderboards are available because fun should always be a part of the experience .revisit your walks or analyze your performance Findster helps you guarantee you’re both getting the most out of your activities. it also provides you with key data to make sure your best friends needs are always attended to, but Findster duo goes beyond that, it is also the first product that rewards you for keeping your pet healthy.

8. Eazy Feed

Hey there, I’m Adam the creator of the Easy feed with a full-time job, three boys one more on the way. I was looking for a hassle-free pet feeder that had all the features I wanted through one device. I couldn’t find one, which is why I created the easy feed. The Easy feed is the most automatic, hands-free and easy to use pet feeder in the world. Now you may have seen a few pet feeders in the past, but I can promise you nobody offers a complete end-to-end solution like this. The easy-feed provides both food and water. And it will let you feed based on your schedule and your amounts. You can check in anywhere with the built-in webcam and microphone and best of all it’ll have food automatically delivered to your doorstep from Amazon when you’re running low. This is truly the most set it and forget it feeder in the world.

9. The GoBone

The next amazing gadget to gifts for dog lovers is the GoBone. We’ve all been there working 40, 50, even 70 hours a week while our dogs are bored and lonely at home. And when we get back, exercising our dogs can be a challenge because we’re tired, it’s too dark out or the weather’s bad. The founder of GoBone was looking for something to help his dog get the activity he was lacking during the day The GoBone is the first entertainment device made for you and your dog it keeps your dog active while you’re at work and it gives you new ways to play when you’re together. It’s something that not only I can use in the evening when I just want to hang out with my dog and play but it’s also something that can be at home with him when I can’t be. Using the go bone is easy just put food or treats inside, tap it and it automatically plays with your pup for up to eight hours, keeping them happy and entertained and giving you a renewed peace of mind. The GoBone is also very smart, it actually personalizes its experience to your dog based on your breed, weight, age. When you’re ready to get in on the action you can instantly take control of theGoBone through the mobile app, interactive games like go bone fetch and GoBone hide-and-seek turn the it into an interactive gaming device for you and your pup. Even capture video and share it while you play. The GoBones exterior can be changed when it wears out or when it’s time for a new look. You don’t need to buy a new GoBone if it gets chewed up. Their mechanical engineers has years of experience designing rugged products for the military, so rest assured the GoBones electronics are safely enclosed. The GoBone has been in the works for more than two years with over a thousand hours of testing behind it. Over a hundred dogs have already had the chance to play with the go bone many of them living in animal shelters. and that’s where the go bones other function comes into play. We believe the go bone is not only a great companion for your dog it could be a life-saving device for dogs and shelters hoping to be adopted. I think that it is mental stimulation for animals shelters a lot of times you’ll see that animals are loose or deemed in adoptable because they lack interaction and this is a way to actually show their personality to bring out who they are and make them more adoptable. They’re also making the GoBone to help shelter dogs have a chance at getting their own forever homes, in fact, one of their rewards lets you get a go bone for yourself and donate one to the shelter of your choice. They believe all dogs should be happy, healthy and active no matter where their human is or what they’re doing.

10. PetSafe Litter Box

The another best gift you can give to a pet lover is the PetSafe Litter Box. When you get home after a long day, you want to spend time with your cat and not cleaning her litter box. With a PetSafe simply clean automatic litter box you will enjoy more time with your furry friend as the system cleans the litter box for you. Setup is a snap and really simple, remove the screws from the center of the litter bowl and the top of the conveyor system lift the conveyor system to the upright position. Then attach the litter guard to the litter bowl by first placing the plastic tab on the end of the guard under the lip of the bowl and then attaching the vertical plastic clips to the guard. Be sure the guard will fit under the conveyor system. Then lower the conveyor system and reattach the screws. Next, find the three holes in the conveyor cover and align them with the posts on the conveyor system, snap the cover into place. The waste receptacle can be used without a liner or the common grocery bag can be used to line the waste receptacle insert the waste receptacle into the simply clean litter box system. Fill the litter bowl with premium clumping scoopable cat litter to the fill line, now plug the AC adapter into the litter box the green light will illuminate. To transition your cat to the simply clean litter box place it next to your cat’s current litter box, let it sit for a couple of days without scooping.  While the simply clean automatically cleans itself your cat will quickly move to the cleaner box. The simply clean litter box system makes one complete rotation per hour to test your system put one piece of tape on the base of the unit and the other on the bowl of the unit. After several minutes the two pieces of tape should be several inches apart, your cat won’t notice the movement and will want to use the simply clean instantly because of the fresh litter box is available 24/7. As one of the quietest systems on the market, you will not be bothered with any cleaning cycles and special bags trays or bins to maintain making disposing of your cast wastes easily on you and your wallet. Enjoy your simply clean automatic litter box.


Choosing the best gifts for dog lovers is a very time-consuming process and in this list, we have selected the best and most amazing gadget that you can gift to a dog lover friend. The best option would be the Feed and go solutions, but it all depends on what your choice is.

Guide For Choosing The Best Wireless Electric Dog Fence

Guide For Choosing The Best Wireless Electric Dog Fence

When you have a dog or get a new pet, safety and security ought to be one of your highest priorities. Dogs are curious and rebellious creatures which will take every opportunity they come to explore the world around them. Even the most well-trained pup may have their moments of bad judgment. While you may readily keep them cooped up in your house all day, that choice is not the most realistic or valuable. Dogs will need to work out and play. Wireless fences, also called invisible fences are a terrific option for providing your dog’s freedom while preventing them from going outside designated boundaries.

Wireless systems utilize the fundamentals of negative reinforcement to stop your dog from straying. When they reach the border, they get a mild electric shock. There are basically two kinds wireless fencing: fully wireless and semi automatic wireless. Semi wireless fences use a buried antenna wire along with a receiver collar. Completely wireless systems utilize a radio transmitter. Both options may help you keep your dog secure. Nevertheless, each design has its own particular quirks and advantages. Normally, semi wireless is suggested over 100% completely wireless systems since they are more flexible, may be used on distinctively shaped possessions, and do not have as much interference problems.

Picking the right wireless electric dog fencing system

That being said, it is important to select a system which works for your specific house and dog. Following is a list of some of the finest wireless dog fences on the market. Whenever you live in a populated neighborhood there’s a possibility your dog is in danger of running away from your house. This could result in attacks of other dogs or on accidents and harm. To prevent these misfortunes from occurring, picking the right wireless dog fencing is important. There are several great fencing options available. Choosing the right one can frequently be a tough and demanding duty. Let us take check out five reputable dog fencing manufacturers.

We’re sure these can help dog owners have a very clear idea of what to expect from all of these devices and mechanisms. Keep reading this invisible dog fence manual to learn more. Though electrical fences do the guarding and disciplining job, the proprietor has her or his part to do in the first couple of days of using it. Given you know how the hedgehogs work, you are going to have to do your part as the owner of the dog. After setting the safe space for your dog, you can place signs which will tell the dog that she or he is virtually leaving the protected area.

You may use flags or ropes to ascertain the borderline. It’ll Be useful if you take the dog for a walk in the secure area to orient him to the place. The dog is going to learn where it could keep on playing and at which it needs to remain out of. After educating the dog and ascertaining the borderlines, it’ll be useful if you walk the dog around the perimeter.

How Does A Wireless Dog Fence Work?

A portable wireless dog fence also provides several advantages over traditional above ground electric dog fences. Since they’re invisible, they won’t mutilate the beauty of your property. Your dog will not be capable to dig under or jump over the fence, providing more safety for your pet. If you have decided that wireless dog fence is the perfect solution for your home and yard, it may be useful in understanding how these fencing systems work. Comprehending The Transmitter and receiver – Petsafe wireless fence systems consist of two distinct components designed to work together – the transmitter and the receiver collar. The transmitter can be placed in a discreet area like a cupboard or utility room.

When plugged in and turned on, the transmitter emits a signal that your dog’s receiver collar may discover. The Wireless Dog Fence transmitter unit can be adjusted to make a 15ft into a 90ft circular area wherein the signal is detectable. The receiver collar is continuously looking for the transmitter signal, which it’s able to find so long as your dog remains inside the designated area. When this happens, the dog will get a harmless static correction sensation. Create a Customized Safe Area. Even though you might find that a single transmitter unit creates an adequately sized safe area for your dog, this isn’t your only option.

The initial exercise sessions should take place with the transmitter unit turned off. Mark the perimeter of the safety zone with the warning flags which come with the invisible fence. These visible flags will assist your dog to learn throughout the training process. Walk your dog around the bounds on a short leash in order that she or he can become used to the area. Following a few days, your dog will begin to understand her or his limits. At this point, you can turn the wireless dog fence transmitter at the lowest power setting. As you walk your dog around the perimeter, let her or him experience a warning signal and correction stimulation occasionally.

Advantages Over Wired Electric Dog Fence

You should treat a wired electrical fence as an energizer. A shock, which may be harmful to kids or pets can be delivered by an electric fence energizer. Electric fences should be installed and managed that they cause no hazard to animals, people or their environment. Electric fencing structures, which are likely to cause entanglement of humans or animals, should be avoided. Barbed or razor wire shouldn’t be electrified. A nonconductive weapon incorporating razor wire or wire may be used to offset wires of an electric animal fence.

The barbed razor wire should be grounded at regular intervals. By no means use wired electric fencing where it’s likely to be touched by kids or infants. This applies particularly near dams or pools where they’re likely to be with bare feet on the ground. Energisers should be installed within a building able free of the danger of damage. In periods of extreme fire danger, there’s a possibility that your wired electric fence might start a fire.


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